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La Paz, Honduras

The San Jose Orphanage is located in a small community, called La Paz in Honduras, which is about an hour and a half drive outside of Tegucigalpa. The home is run by a former nun, Edith, who left the church to concentrate on "hands on" work helping the poor. In 2006, a drug addict mom gave away her two kids to Edith. In 2007, she started praying for space and the local mayor’s office donated the building they were originally in. The building had been abandoned for 20 years. In 2014, they moved into a new building that provides a safe and spacious environment for the children and staff.

Edith currently cares for approximately 20 kids. A majority of kids come from abuse, drug and alcohol situations. She has recently hired two staff members in to help with the administrative functions of the home and is still in need of additional staff to help with caring for children and housekeeping. The kids attend a public school in the morning.

Mary likes to play soccer. Her favorite class in school is natural science and activity is P.E. At the home her responsibility is to clean the dinning room. She would like to become a Biologist someday. She said her hair is what she likes the most about herself. Mary's favorite Bible story is Ruth's life. She ask that you please pray for her school and for her friends.

Deysi likes to read short stories. She is studying to become an English Entrepreneur. Her favorite class is the English class. Her favorite food is fried chicken. She helps at San Jose by cleaning the Library. Her favorite Bible story is the death and resurrection of Jesus. Please pray for her education and wisdom. Please pray for her siblings as well.

Oscar likes to play soccer. When he is older, he would like to become a firefighter along with his brother. His favorite class is math. His favorite food is fried chicken. He sometimes help clean the chicken's coop. His favorite Bible story is the Creation of the World. Please pray for his family.

Milton has one sister. He likes to play soccer. He is still not sure what he wants to do when he is older. His favorite class is computer class. His favorite food is pizza. He helps by cleaning the boy's room. His favorite Bible story is the Creation of the World. He would like for you to pray for sister Edith and all the kids at San Jose.

Kilimanjaro Orphanage Centre in Tanzania

The Kilimanjaro Orphanage Centre in Tanzania is lead by our friend, Dr. Gregory Higgins. The mission contains housing, medical care and a school. The area has been ravaged by AIDS leaving 2,000,000 children without parents.

Shannon is seen here conducting an outdoor art project. Shannon has been affectionately given the name “Nyanya” by the children which means grandmother, revealing their deep love for her.

This is Aziza. She was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect. Dr. Higgins successfully completed her life saving surgery.

This bus helps the children of the Kilimanjaro Orphanage Centre get safely transported to school.

The farm is an integral part of the mission, providing fresh vegetables year round.

Warsaw Teen Project in Poland

The Warsaw Teen Project is based in central Poland. We have regular, at least weekly, contact with children in some orphanages and with young adults who have grown up in the Polish orphanage system. Our current focus is on young unmarried teenage mothers who have left the orphanage system and are struggling to cope with life after an institutionalized childhood, which often started in dysfunctional families.

They leave the institutional care environment at 18 years age with a bag on their back, or a suitcase in their hand, with limited financial assistance, and are expected to manage on their own from then on. There is no significant social network outside the orphanage for many of these young people. The world is a scary place when one is unprepared for it. The need to be loved and be wanted is a primary need especially for someone with a low self-esteem and alone. For some of these young women, this leads to teenage pregnancy in an abusive relationship.

We have a smallholding outside Warsaw. It is a peaceful place where a stressed out young mother or a woman escaping domestic abuse can find a safe haven and have the opportunity to reflect and take stock of their life. At present we have one cottage, but plan on building at least two more cottages. This is so the woman and child/children can have a quiet place and privacy to recover and gather strength.

The young adults we are helping with life coaching knew us while they were at their orphanage, and have come to us on their own initiative. These young women need help to:

  • Feel safe.
  • Develop self-esteem.
  • Learn basic life skills to cope well in society.
  • Learn about men and how to spot potential abusers to stop the generational cycle of abuse. They need to be able to find decent caring men who will encourage their personal growth and be role models for their children.
  • Finish their education leading to a meaningful employment or career.

This is Katiyana with her daughter Julita (Love). Kati has been with us for 2 years and is one of the mentors for the other mothers.

Four of our success stories! Gosia (Pearl), Jozefina (God Will Add), Danika (Morning Star), and Fryderyka (Peaceful), have all graduated and married wonderful men.

Bungoma, Kenya

Bungoma is an impoverished, rural town in northwest Kenya, bordered by Uganda to the west. Families in Bungoma face extreme poverty and many children live with their extended families because their parents have died of AIDS. We have partnered with a local church’s school project, Madeleine School, that serves approximately 200 children in a rural area. We are providing support for the school social worker, medical staff, an agricultural program.

Joshua wants to be a pilot. He likes reading story books and playing football. Joshua has 6 siblings and lives with his parents. He hopes to visit his sponsors in the USA someday. He is glad for the medical help provided by the school and the good teachers. His favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:4. Please pray for his remaining foot surgery, his health, studies and for the school.

Elizabeth ("Toto") likes reading storybooks, and playing legball, volleyball and netball. She would like to be a doctor someday and hopes she can build a house for her grandmother. She loves receiving pictures from her sponsor and gifts from donors. Her favorite part of the school is the greenhouse. Toto likes the story of King David in the Bible. Pray for her studies, family and her health.

Faith comes from a single parent family with 2 siblings. Faith wants to be a nurse someday and help her family and the community. She likes reading, drawing and listening to music. She is also fond of jumping rope & volleyball. Her favorite Bible verse is Jonah 2:2 that God answers when we call Him. Please pray for her terminally ill mother and her studies.

Timo likes listening to music and adventure, as well as singing. He wants to be a musician and music teacher, and hopes to buy land for his parents someday. Timo likes the meals at school and the medication he receives. His favorite Bible story is about Sodom and Gomorrah. Pray for his health as he is anemic.

Caprivi, Namibia

The Children of Zion Village is a home for orphans in the southern African nation of Namibia. It is located along the Zambezi River in the northeast corner of Namibia. The children come from several different tribal and language groups.


The "village" opened in January, 2003 and is now home to 57 children. Most of the children have been placed in our care because they have lost their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles to AIDS.
Here the boys and girls receive love, nutrition, shelter, healthcare, academic, and vocational training.

St. Croix USVI

We offer programs for abused, abandoned and neglected children, pregnant women and families, low income seniors and adults with disabilities. We take care of our Territory's most vulnerable. The generous support of our donors and volunteers, coupled with the hard work of our employees, ensures we are able to continue "Working Together, Making Lives Better". On behalf of those we serve, Thank You!


Queen Louise Home for Children is located 5 miles outside of Frederiksted town on St. Croix. Cottages A & B provide temporary placement in a family setting for children ages birth to 12 who have been the victims of abandonment, abuse or neglect. It is staffed by full-time child care workers and by AmeriCorps Volunteers. Those in our care receive love and support, often for the first time in their lives.  The Children are placed at Queen Louise Home for Children by the Virgin Islands Department of Human Services. The hope for each child is that he/she are residents of Cottages A & B temporarily. Reunification with members of their family or placement in a foster home is the goal. Children at the Queen Louise Home receive not only love and support, but therapy, counseling and tutoring services.

Sister Emma Cottage is home to our most critically disabled and medically fragile children. This home has 8 beds and the children receive 24 hour care. The children come from all over our territory. At Sister Emma Cottage they receive love, support and physical therapy. Most of the children are in wheelchairs.  They all have special dietary needs and some are tube fed.

Bombay (Mumbai) India

Outreach teams are made up of former pimps, owners, slaves, drug addicts, and runaways. They go into the heart of the red light districts with the message of love and hope.  What this group has to say is more convincing than what any outsider has to say.  Most of those caught in the tragedy of human trafficking see no future, no hope.  Women who have lost their honor believe that they have nothing left to offer the world and so they live and wait for death, even when they have the freedom to walk away from the brothels.  The team is there day after day living among the suffering, walking among them, convincing them that they are not alone.  The team’s daily presence and their willingness to enter into the lives of the suffering, to walk into their filthy rooms and sit next to them on their beds as they cry and share their pain begins the process towards rescue and redemption.  


Education is paramount to enabling people to succeed in life. A key part to restoring the lives of these women and children is to create opportunities for them through education. It is not enough to provide a simple, passable education; we strive to provide the best quality of education we can tap into. We provide private school education for the children where they are given individualized resources. The women, who were given a price for their livelihood, are now given an invaluable and priceless new opportunity at life through education. Over the years we have seen incredible results, as lives have been transformed through the power of access to education.

Women and children who have been rescued from the red light districts often leave with many serious and life-threatening illnesses.  The medical staff provides women and children with the medication and treatment they need, some on a daily basis. The doctor visits the various homes every week to check on those who are sick. A majority of the women in the brothels are HIV positive. The clinic in the red light district exists to serve and provide medical care for women with HIV, STD, and the many other illnesses that they are susceptible to in the unhygienic and filthy buildings in which they live.

Unless the daughters of these women are taken out of this environment, they would be forced into the same business as their mothers.  Understanding this urgent need, homes outside of Mumbai bring the daughters to a place where they could learn and grow without the fears of Kamathipura (Mumbai’s oldest red light district).  Many of the girls have finished their secondary education and are doing well, and they are dreaming of futures that would never have been possible if they had remained where they were.  Some of the mothers of the girls are in safe women’s homes, some have chosen to stay in Kamathipura, and some have died.  The stories of many of these young girls and ladies are not easy, but it is difficult to even think of what their stories might have been if someone had not intervened.

Ukraine's Forgotten Children

We are collecting funds to refurbish the second building for disabled girls in Kalynivka village and to support Nikolai in his efforts to rehabilitate ‘social orphans’ mentioned in Kate Blewett’s film Ukraine’s Forgotten Children. With your support, we hope to complete the construction this year to allow nine more special children live and study in the same comfortable conditions as their healthier peers and friends.


There are approximately 76,000 orphans in the Ukraine.



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